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Category Archives: SQL 2008R2

SQL Master Database Recovery

Most of us know that to restore the master database on SQL you need to get the instance started in single user mode however we usually forget the syntax so here it is:
  • Go to SQL Server Configuration Manager
  • Click on the SQL Server Services
  • Right Click the SQL Engine Service for the instance you need to start...
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How to configure SQL Mirroring

There are 3 different types of SQL Mirroring options available for use:
  • High Performance - Asynchronous (this requires the Enterprise Edition)
  • High Safety without Automatic Failover
  • High Safety with Automatic Failover (this requires a witness server running the same SQL version)
All three require roughly the same steps:
  • Ensure the same login accounts are present on the Principal and the...
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Drop All Connections to a SQL Database

I was doing some repairs to a SQL database recently and needed it in single user mode which was the easy part.......... USE master; GO ALTER DATABASE dbname SET SINGLE_USER WITH ROLLBACK IMMEDIATE; GO The issue was then as soon as I went to do...
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SPN Self Registration

Are you trying to increase security by removing extranious permissions from service accounts but growing a little tired of having to manually assign SPN's to them? If so get to work with ADSIEdit.
  • Open ADSI edit and connect to the default naming context.
  • Navigate through the structure to your service...
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SQL – Check your authentication scheme

Have you ever wanted to check which method you are using to authenticate to a SQL backend?   Just run the following SQL to return the current authentication scheme your user context is using. SELECT session_id, auth_scheme FROM sys.dm_exec_connections WHERE session_id=@@spid You can easily modify the above to give you the authentication...
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