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Category Archives: System Center Operations Manager 2012

Setting up SMS Text Alerts within SCOM 2012 R2

Hi All, I was recently approached by a customer and asked what my recommendations were for setting up SMS alerting on SCOM 2012 R2. Admittedly, this isn't normally a feature that a lot of our clients use as they prefer the flexibility of email alerting through the use of distribution groups etc, but I thought I'd write...
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SCOM 2012 – Dynamic Group of VMware VMs

Operatons manager out of the box allows for the detection of Virtual Machines and this detection can be used to build a group for Virtual Servers.   The only problem is that this is detection is only for Hyper-V, so what happens if you need to detect and group VMware VMs? Well the solution is pretty simple. Within the SCOM console, open...
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Agent Pending but not shown in SCOM 2012 console

I was having to do a few manual agent installs recently and when i went into the console to approve them it errored and threw me out.   When I went back into the console and the server was not in the agent managed secion, so i went into pending management to do the approval again but then agent had disappeared. So a...
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Service Manager 2012 Data Warehouse High Watermark Monitor

I have been deploying a multi product System Center deployment for a large client recently.   I have deployed Operations Manager 2012 SP1 and Service Manager 2012 SP1 both running the latest Cumulative Update (CU2).   Everything is working perfectly in both deployments, I have deployed some basic Management Packs (Core OS, etc) to SCOM and it...
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SCOM 2012 SPNs

The server account of all SCOM servers should register the following SPNs:
  • MSOMHSvc/NetBIOSName
The Data Access Account should register the following SPNs:
  • MSOMSdkSvc/NetBIOSName
If you have multiple SCOM Management servers you will need the above on the Data Access Account for EACH of them....
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SPN Self Registration

Are you trying to increase security by removing extranious permissions from service accounts but growing a little tired of having to manually assign SPN's to them? If so get to work with ADSIEdit.
  • Open ADSI edit and connect to the default naming context.
  • Navigate through the structure to your service...
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