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Category Archives: Remote Desktop Services

Change published FQDN for Server 2012 R2 RDS Deployment – Name Mismatch

Hi All, I was working on a Remote Desktop Services deployment on Server 2012 R2 earlier this month and hit a snag. The client site I was working on had a disjointed namespace (.local internally and .com externally) which was causing issues. I had secured all of the RDS services with a SAN certificate from a third party...
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2008 R2 RDS Printing with XP Client

When using an XP Client, a 2008R2 RDS server and the Easy Print driver you may sometimes get the following:
  • Unexpected fonts in the printed document
  • The document text may be compressed or truncated
  • The document text may contain unexpected random characters
  • The following error message may be displayed
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