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Category Archives: Outlook

Send As A Distribution Group

To allow a user to Send On Behalf of a distribution list simply. Open an Exchange Management Shell and enter the following: Set-DistributionGroup groupname -GrantSendOnBehalfTo username You will now be able to enter the group name in the from field of an email....
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Migrating Suggested Contacts

We have recently been moving some users from old PCs running Outlook 2003 to new PCs running Outlook 2010.  All was fine except for the suggested contacts needed migrating, in old version this was a file called outlookprofilename.NK2 however Outlook 2010 does not use this any more. The solution is actually very simple, copy the old...
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Getting Send From to work in Exchange 2010

Do you have issues with being able to send as an alias account you have in Outlook?  I have sperate accounts but want to send as each of the accounts without having to have two Outlook profiles. In your secondary account assign the following to your primary account:
  • Full Control
  • Send As
  • Send on Behalf Of
Now all is well...
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