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Category Archives: Lync 2010

Polycom CX700 & Lync – Domain is not accessible

Ran into this problem today when trying to sign into an older Polycom CX700 phone on Lync 2010. The phone kept complaining that it couldn't find the domain and download the certificate even though all other phones worked absolutely fine. Normal syntax for entering credentials in Windows is either Domain\Username or username@domain.local The trick to logging in is to the...
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Lync 2010 Phone Edition CU6 Update from OCS Failing

We recently recieved some 'new' LG-Nortel 8540 phones that were running the OCS version of Windows Phone and they would not update to Lync 2010 CU6 Phone Edition. We resolved by unapproving the CU6 device update and going back to a previous version (in our case CU5), the phones all upated without an issue.   We were then...
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Lync Phones Reboot when attached to Cisco Switches

I recently came across this post which proved very interesting when Polycom phones use Cisco LLDP-MED to configure a dedicated Voice VLAN and the switch is also providing PoE. The issues arrised due to incompatability between the power states a phone goes through and the Cisco being a...
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Lync Phone Edition in a Voice VLAN

I have been working with a client lately that are used to Cisco voice and having a dedicated voice VLAN however when using Lync and Polycom Lync phones their voice VLAN was not being honoured.   On searching around I found this solution which I will paraphrase below: In DHCP define a new...
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