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About Marc

I have always had a keen interest in all aspects of technology, from interacting with relics to write simple programs that made matchstick dogs move (I am talking Commodore 16 here folks!) to building and racing radio controlled cars.

So why did I spend 8 years in the lithographic printing industry then? To better understand the onward march of technology and how it would be shaping our lives of course, highlighted to me by the migration of the printing medium from lithography to digital press. After realising this I knew my calling was Information Technology and its unique ability to streamline process and deliver consistency to people and businesses.

Since then I have learned my trade from a 1st line technician on a helpdesk, through to 2nd line, onto 3rd line and settling where I am now as a technical consultant. I am an MSCA in Windows Server 2012 and have great experience in a wide area of technology and making it work for people in business from a couple of users to thousands. Recent technical consultative solutions I have managed from conception to deployment include platforms like Office 365, SCCM, AD:DS, Hyper-V, SCVMM, SCDPM, DFS, RDS and many others. Not just Microsoft either, Citrix, Nutanix, HP, Dell, VMware, Vasco and OKTA are some of the other technologies I have had first-hand experience with to deploy network, storage and compute infrastructure.

We are all part of the evolving wave of technology that is integrated into our everyday lives, both at work and home. Discovering methods to use this technology in order to enrich our lives as individuals, enhance and drive our business potential as a collective and move us closer to understanding the long term benefits as a civilisation is both challenging and rewarding. We can use technology to better understand ourselves and provide future generations with a clear vision of their future!

Thanks for taking the time to find out a bit more about myself and MSV Consultancy (please hit the “Contact us” for further info or to request my transcripts).

Marc Williams
Technical Consultant, MSV Consultancy