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Monthly Archives: June 2013

SCCM 2012 – Client Cache Tips

The purpose of this post is to provide some tips about the cache on SCCM clients. Hopefully some of these pointers will assist if you're experiencing strange behaviour relating to the cache or wish to change the default settings.
  • The cache is a storage location where applications are downloaded
  • The default location for the cache is %windir%\ccmcache
  • The default cache...
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SCCM 2012 User Device Affinity – ‘window manager\dwm-1’

I have been working on a large System Center 2012 deployment recenetly and we needed to get SCCM User Device Afiinity working to feed Service Manager with Asset owners. Nice and easy, created an GPO to audit successful logon events, set a client policy with User and Device Affinity settings, everything was good or thats what i thought....... All...
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SCCM 2012 – Icons for Applications in Software Center

Hi All, One of the new niceties that came with SCCM 2012 was the ability to add icons to applications created using the 'Application' delivery model (as opposed to the old method of 'Packages'). This may seem confusing at first, but the draw here is that users see the familiar icon they are used to alongside the...
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Agent Pending but not shown in SCOM 2012 console

I was having to do a few manual agent installs recently and when i went into the console to approve them it errored and threw me out.   When I went back into the console and the server was not in the agent managed secion, so i went into pending management to do the approval again but then agent had disappeared. So a...
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