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Subject Alternative Name Certificate Issue with ADFS 2.0 Farm

It seems like I'm focussed a lot on certificates recently, but I found a corker today... Here's the scenario - ADFS 2.0 on Windows Server 2012 configured with an external certificate where the name you wish to use for federation is NOT the common name. As I already had my certificate downloaded from my CA with a...
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Dispelling some of the Office 365 licensing myths

I have been pulling some licensing quotes together over the last few days for a customer and the LAR I deal with suggested that I look at using some Office 365 Licensing so as to cover the Office and CAL requirements.   OK I thought but the customer uses RDS which last time I looked meant...
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Service Manager 2012 Data Warehouse High Watermark Monitor

I have been deploying a multi product System Center deployment for a large client recently.   I have deployed Operations Manager 2012 SP1 and Service Manager 2012 SP1 both running the latest Cumulative Update (CU2).   Everything is working perfectly in both deployments, I have deployed some basic Management Packs (Core OS, etc) to SCOM and it...
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