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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Drop All Connections to a SQL Database

I was doing some repairs to a SQL database recently and needed it in single user mode which was the easy part.......... USE master; GO ALTER DATABASE dbname SET SINGLE_USER WITH ROLLBACK IMMEDIATE; GO The issue was then as soon as I went to do...
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Migrating Suggested Contacts

We have recently been moving some users from old PCs running Outlook 2003 to new PCs running Outlook 2010.  All was fine except for the suggested contacts needed migrating, in old version this was a file called outlookprofilename.NK2 however Outlook 2010 does not use this any more. The solution is actually very simple, copy the old...
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Lync Phones Reboot when attached to Cisco Switches

I recently came across this post which proved very interesting when Polycom phones use Cisco LLDP-MED to configure a dedicated Voice VLAN and the switch is also providing PoE. The issues arrised due to incompatability between the power states a phone goes through and the Cisco being a...
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Lync Phone Edition in a Voice VLAN

I have been working with a client lately that are used to Cisco voice and having a dedicated voice VLAN however when using Lync and Polycom Lync phones their voice VLAN was not being honoured.   On searching around I found this solution which I will paraphrase below: In DHCP define a new...
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SCOM 2012 SPNs

The server account of all SCOM servers should register the following SPNs:
  • MSOMHSvc/NetBIOSName
The Data Access Account should register the following SPNs:
  • MSOMSdkSvc/NetBIOSName
If you have multiple SCOM Management servers you will need the above on the Data Access Account for EACH of them....
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