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SCCM 2016 – Technical Preview 4 – Windows PE Peer Cache

Hi All, As promised, as part of the work I have been doing with the latest version of SCCM Technical Preview, I thought I'd cover one of the new features in the platform - namely, Windows PE Peer Cache.   What is it? 'Windows PE Peer Cache' is a new capability in SCCM which allows a Task...
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System Center Configuration Manager 2016 Technical Preview 4 – New Features

Hi All, Just a quick post detailing the list of available features in the latest technical preview for System Center Configuration Manager 2016. With the release of Technical Preview 4 the following new features have been introduced:-
  • Natively manage Office 365 desktop client updates: You can use the Software Update Management (SUM) workflow to manage Office 365 desktop...
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Office 365 – Not all selected users were deleted error

Hi All, One of our customers recently had a user leave the company, but wanted to retain their mailbox data in the form of a Shared Mailbox (so that it did not consume an Office 365 licence). The issue with Office 365 is that if you remove a licence from a user, it automatically deletes the associated mailbox! To...
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Setting up SMS Text Alerts within SCOM 2012 R2

Hi All, I was recently approached by a customer and asked what my recommendations were for setting up SMS alerting on SCOM 2012 R2. Admittedly, this isn't normally a feature that a lot of our clients use as they prefer the flexibility of email alerting through the use of distribution groups etc, but I thought I'd write...
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Nutanix Changing to Hyper-V

As a follow up to my previous article on how to change the hypervisor on a new node from the factory here are my tips and tricks on how the process has changed since Nutanix no longer include the hypervisor binaries in the NOS Phoenix package. There is now the Foundations Installer...
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Nutanix Foundations Fails to Image

I have been working on a project to change from a six node Nutanix VMware cluster to a Hyper-V one, simple I thought. Here was my intended method:
  • Remove three nodes
  • Reimage to Hyper-V using the Phoenix package and the Foundations VM
  • Create a new cluster.
  • V2V all the VMs using SCVMM
  • Destroy the old cluster
  • Reimage those nodes and add to the...
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VMM – failed to add device ‘Virtual CD/DVD Disk’

So you try to mount an ISO in the VMM library with the shared option and get the following error: [error] Error (12700) VMM cannot complete the host operation on the (SERVER FQDN) server because of the error: 'VMName' failed to add device 'Virtual CD/DVD Disk'. (Virtual machine ID GUID) Failed to open attachment '(Library path to the ISO)'....
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SCCM 2012 SP1 Site Maintenance Backup Task Error

Hi All, I was performing a Site Backup task for a customer's SCCM 2012 SP1 platform today and I came across a peculiar error. I had shared a folder locally and given both the computer accounts of the site system server and the remote SQL server read/write share permissions and Full Control NTFS permissions to ensure it...
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VMM cannot find the device or this device is not valid for a boot device

So you create a new Generation 2 (Gen2) virtual machine and install either Windows Server 2012 or 2012R2, you customise it and then you convert it in to a template in SCVMM. All is normal. You go to deploy that template from the library and it fails with the following: [error]VMM cannot find the device or this device is not valid for a...
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SCVMM 2012 R2 SP1 – Computer Name Bug

Hi All,   I discovered a bug during the installation of System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 R2 SP1 today which I have never seen before. SCVMM Bug Background The install was on a brand new VM with co-located SQL 2012 SP1. All configuration was checked prior to install...
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Nutanix Hyper-V Cluster

So I have been working recently on a large VDI project based on the Nutanix converged platform, which I have used before but only in its VMware hypervisor version, this time however the solution was to be based on Hyper-V. So here is what I have learned...... The documentation is not complete or entirely accurate!!!!!  However...
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Changing Nutanix Hypervisor

Nutanix now provide a hypervisor agnostic platform, which is great however if you do not clearly state which hypervisor you want it will come out of the factory with KVM installed, as I found out on my last project. When I contacted Nutanix to ask what to do to change it to Hyper-V I was braced...
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Lync 2013 Powershell – Blank Screen

Recently I have started carrying out my Lync 2013 installs on to Windows Server 2012 R2 and have noticed a strange issue from time to time. When I open the Lync Management Shell (PowerShell) from the start menu, the command window opens but I never get a prompt displayed, it just sits there as a blank window,...
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SCOM 2012 – How to Remove a Stubborn Alert from Console Cache

Hi All, Whilst on customer site I experienced a strange issue with System Center Operations Manager 2012. I had cleared down some alerts inside the console, however one would not disappear. Each time I tried to remove the alert the following error message would show:-

 "An object of type MonitoringAlert with id xxx was not found.

  I tried...
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No Connectivity with the Lync Web App

When I have been deploying Lync on to existing domains that use an internal DNS name that is not verifiable on the internet I have been receiving the following error when I run an internally trusted certificate on all Lync internal services and an externally trusted one on the external services. [error]Error from LS Data MCU; Event ID:...
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How to get rid of the Software Center icon in SCCM 2012

Hi All, I was on client site recently and the question was asked - How do you get rid of the Software Center shortcut from the Start Menu?   softwarecentralno My general rule of thumb would be to leave Software Center there as it is a useful tool to have, particularly when...
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Lync Server 2013 – Alter failed for Server ‘ServerName\Lynclocal’

Hi All, I've been doing quite a lot of lab work on Azure with Lync 2013 recently (even though it isn't officially supported) and ran into this error this morning. I was trying to add resiliency to a Standard Edition pool, which required amending the SQL Express database on my backup pool server. No matter how many times...
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